Biochlorella 5 Amazing Benefits of Body Detoxification
The human body is made entirely of foods, water, air, and light. Most healers agree that toxic overload and degeneration have only two main causes: malnutrition and internal pollution.

Malnutrition is mainly induced from deficiencies, but could also result from an imbalance of nutrients, from poor digestion and poor absorption. Internal pollution results from the hidden toxins that are woven into our modern lifestyle: from environmental poisons taken in with food (processed foods, pesticides, additives, preservatives, heavy metals), water (chlorine, trihalomethanes, metals), and air (smog, molds, invisible chemicals, bacteria, glues and solvents). These hidden toxins seep into our day-to-day environment, whether from pharmaceuticals and cosmetic drugs; from indoor pollution such as the use of synthetic chemicals for paints, cleaners, carpets, etc.; or from the ingestion of tobacco smoke and alcohol.

These toxins are major robbers of our health and wreak havoc on the body's main organs and functions. They also weaken the immune and respiratory systems, leaving us susceptible to allergies, chronic fatigue, cancer and other ravaging diseases.

However malnutrition and internal pollution can be reversed by natural interventions such as nutrients enrichment, the restriction of certain foods, or pollution control and detoxification. Most degenerative conditions result from habits and lifestyles that are not in sync with nature. These things can be reversed. Of course, specific genetic defects cannot so easily be counteracted, but a better lifestyle and diet can undoubtedly bring substantial improvements. To detoxify the body from internal pollution is another essential step towards wellness.

Unless vital organs are damaged beyond their ability to recover (but no one can really assess when that point is being reached), by the process of learning and applying health principles, it is never too late to reverse an accumulation of damage and toxins that have caused signs of premature aging or chronic health problems. Malnutrition can be corrected by improved nutrition and by using nutrient-rich natural wholefoods, such as chlorella, a medicinal green algae that is biologically dense in proteins, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, nucleic acids, chlorophyll, CGF and enzymes.

natural wholefoods picture "In just a few decades, intensive agriculture has stripped the earth of nutrients that may have taken thousands or millions of years to develop. The bottom line is that depleted soils produce depleted food crops; depleted foods build depleted bodies; depleted bodies build disease...Chlorella, unlike most food crops, is grown in liquid, not in soil. The proper ingredients for its efficient growth can be easily obtained, so it can be grown almost anywhere (climate permitting), and the percentage of its various nutrients can be changed by modifying the growth medium. Chlorella transforms inorganic chemicals into active, living bio-nutrients, sun-energized to provide vital food nutrients."

"Chlorella, Jewel of the Far East" by Dr. Bernard Jensen, D.O., Ph.D.

Chlorella provides the highest source of chlorophyll, one of the most cleansing agents known to medicine, as well as a multitude of antioxidants. One of Chlorella particularity is that it has a unique fiber binding to toxics chemicals and heavy metals and safely sweep toxins out of the body.

By multiplying the friendly bacteria chlorella guarantees support for a better digestion, thus a better absorption and assimilation of nutrients, as well as better elimination of environmental toxins.

Reversing the accumulated toxic overload translates into replacing old cells and activating new ones. These new cells can start reversing signs of premature aging such as weight gain, loss of energy and low immune system. In fact, body detoxification plays a key role in a weight loss, anti-aging and vitality program; while detoxification of heavy metals is essential to mental & emotional health. Chlorella can simply help you to restore the signs of the vibrant health that you deserve!

Studies have shown how Chlorella can strengthen the body's ability to resist diseases by increasing the food quality intake, by helping to supply all essential nutrients and by helping to remove toxic influences, the robbers of health and vitality. Degeneration & internal pollution, leading to cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and liver diseases, can kill, but chlorella, which is laden with a myriad of scientifically proven health benefits, is one factor that can help to give you an incredible health insurance!


Body detoxification refers to the removal of toxins accumulation and toxic substances. Chlorella is composed of a fibrous, indigestible outer shell (20%) and of its inner powerful nutrients (80%). This fibrous material has been shown to detoxify the system through binding to toxic factors such as persistent hydrocarbons; heavy metals (e.g., mercury, cadmium, copper, lead); pesticides and insecticides; carcinogens such as PCBs, DDT or kepone, and chemicals.

We are constantly exposed to chemicals through our water, air and food. Our food is filled with hydrocarbon pesticides and insecticides. Mercury is a heavy metal commonly found in fish and in dental fillings. Aluminum is accumulated from aluminum cookware and from tap water representing the danger of a constant internal pollution and often leading to all kinds of symptoms & diseases. Did you know that an apple can contain about four different pesticides, and sometimes up to ten? The use of pesticides is even increasing; the rate more than doubled in California between 1991 and 1998?
Toxins, permanently filtered through the liver, are reabsorbed by the organism. These toxins can remain in the body for an entire lifetime, weakening all metabolic systems. This could lead to an endless cycle of chronic diseases.

Radiation, from electrical devices that are part of our daily-life necessities, and from many other sources, is another free-radical agent causing aging, cancers and other diseases.
These few examples underline how essential is the daily detoxifying ability of chlorella to maintain good health.

The clinical usefulness of chlorella to detoxify has been demonstrated with people suffering from cadmium poisoning and P.C.B exposure. Not only is chlorella a chlorophyll-rich food, useful for counteracting radiation and toxic heavy metals, but it also has the unique property of taking up toxic substances from the body and holding onto them. By eliminating them through the stools or the urine rather than accumulating in a pool of toxins, chlorella can prevent these substances from being deposited in fat cells and becoming a haven for diseases and bacteria to grow upon. Heavy metals are also absorbed by the brain, possibly leading to difficulty in concentrating, memory loss, depression, anxiety and aging.

"The clinical usefulness of chlorella to detoxify cadmium was shown by a scientific study by Hagino,, (71)who demonstrated increased excretion of cadmium in persons suffering from "Itai-itai" (cadmium poisoning). Dr. Ichimura reported that he gave 8 grams daily of chlorella to patients suffering from pain caused by cadmium poisoning and obtained good results. When chlorella was given for 12 days, cadmium in the excretions of the patients increased 3 times over the baseline. After 24 days of chlorella the cadmium in the urine had decreased 7 times greater than the baseline and the patients' pain was markedly reduced.

In North America, chlorella is used by many health practitioners to detoxify patients from mercury & other heavy metals toxicity.(35)(36) Pesticides, Insecticides, P.C.B. Removed

"Chlorella has been used to detoxify people suffering from P.C.B. exposure (polychlorbiphenyl) . Doctor Ueda of the Kitakyushu City Institute for Environmental Pollution Research in Japan gave 30 patients who suffered from P.C.B. exposure daily doses of 4-6 grams of chlorella for a one year period. Almost all improved as a result, becoming less tired, having better digestion and normal bowel movements. Beside P.C.B., chlordecone (kepone) , which is another very harmful chlorinated hydrocarbon insecticide, has been shown to be removed more than twice as fast from the body when chlorella is taken by mouth."

"Chlorella Natural Medicinal Algae" by Dr. David Steeblock, B.S., M. Sc., D.O

The cleansing of heavy metals, chemicals and other toxins from the blood - including those ingested by breathing in secondhand cigarette smoke, which contains cadmium - could begin to happen after a period of 3 to 6 months of taking chlorella, depending on the dosage taken. As a result health in general can improve, showing through a rebound of energy, better digestion, waste elimination, absorption, assimilation & weight control.

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