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In the last five decades our increased fat-laden diet has played a part in several leading North American health problems that are not just obesity, but also coronary heart disease, breast cancer and high blood pressure. The higher consumption of "trans-fats", mainly contained in hydrogenated oils products -such as margarine, shortening, peanut butter, artificial toppings and many prepared baked goods and convenience foods-, have created a worsening factor to these health problems. These synthetic fats are not designed to be metabolized by the human body and often result in toxic metabolic byproducts.

Also cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and obesity are subsequent from the increased use of refined sugars, refined starches and calorie-rich foods. About 30% of adults in Western societies are overweight, risking cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, allergies and a whole host of other degenerative ailments. Our body transforms refined sugars into hard, sticky fats and cholesterol.

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The processing of dietary fats and oils begins with digestion. When problems arise in our body's ability to digest and assimilate or when we exceed its capacity to digest; when problems arise in our body's ability to eliminate properly, our health deteriorate and we could gain weight. As an example, trans-fats, which are indigestible, are intimately connected with cellulite. Many people find they suddenly seem to gain weight without particular calorie intake increase or find it difficult to lose weight despite starving themselves (which is in fact even worse for long-term weight loss). It is because weight loss actually depends from many more factors than just calorie intake supervision.

An excess of fats and cholesterol from foods, above what our cells require for their function, continue to circulate in our blood until it is metabolized by our liver or taken to fat cells for storage. Storage consists of fat depots around our organs or body, like adipose tissue and cellulite. Weight gain accompanied with adipose tissue is connected to an increase of the fat cells size not to an increase of their number. Toxins that are feeding fat cells lead to an "excess of volume" and compose about 60% of fat cells. Non-metabolized fats and cholesterol, sluggish bowel or colon, and impaired kidneys, all induce a waste and toxin built-up in the body, which creates a fertile breeding ground for bacteria and diseases.
For example, chronic constipation is an evidence of bowel back up, which contributes to a build up of waste material residues staying in the system too long. Secondary liver back up usually accompanies this bowel back up. Therefore sluggish digestion is often one of the contributing causes of overweight. A "pot belly" is a typical outward sign of congestion and of a sluggish digestion.

Biochlorella Weight Control

Real progress toward permanent weight loss can be made when the intestinal tract is detoxified and can function properly; when the excess material that caused the congestion is eliminated from the intestines and when all major organs can function normally. It is only when the functions of the body are balanced; when the process of assimilation and elimination are working correctly, that the body will naturally revert to its ideal weight.

The beneficial effects of chlorella on the peristaltic action of the intestines could immediately assist in the vital cleansing action of this process.

In addition, by providing the body most of the nutrients it needs to function at a proper level, through the easily assimilated nutritional spectrum of Bio+ Chlorella®, cravings leading to binges usually subside.

Bio+ Chlorella®, rich in protein, provide a long lasting energy source. When taken at intervals throughout the day, Bio+ Chlorella® could allow the body to control its insulin release and to maintain a normal blood sugar level, thus preventing urges for food and for sweets in particular.

To summarize:
We have previously seen in details that taking Bio+ Chlorella® could greatly enhance the process of detoxification (where toxins are changed into a less toxic or more readily extractable substances).
The detoxification process, in the long run, could in turn lead to the enhancement and optimization of the digestive, bowel and liver functions. Bio+ Chlorella® could also provide the body all the support it needs to run more efficiently and to optimize weight loss.
Finally, Bio+ Chlorella®' density in bio-available and wholesome nutrients (protein, vitamin, amino-acids, minerals, enzymes, fiber, EFAs) forms a good basis for a balanced weight control program - as described in Dhyana Bewicke's book (1) - It also helps to curb cravings for food and sweets in particular.
As a result, people taking Chlorella daily have often reported the normalization of their hunger and appetite, faster digestion, regular elimination, flatter stomach and weight loss.

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