A True Hero: Chlorella Is a Perfect Survival & Fasting Food

A precious friend to have during survival and fasting times, Chlorella, is a microscopic (of 2 to 10 µm diameter) single celled green micro alga that has existed on the planet, like the rest of the micro-algae family, for over 3 billion years!

Find out how Chlorella's extraordinary resilience and survival aptitudes have shown, through worldwide history, that this wonder food can, in fact, help us a great deal! And importantly, that includes assisting us during survival times of food penury, as well as through fasting practices for cleansing or religious commitments...

Why is that important? Because during these times, the body needs the most nutritional - and otherwise- support possible that it can receive, in order to go through these unusual or taxing times!

So let's find out why you can undeniably trust the virtues of your old friend Chlorella to give you an "easy and complete hand" during these periods...

Biochlorella Survival

Chlorella: Its Astonishing Survival History from the Dawn of Earth

To start with, and as mentioned before, Chlorella was among the first infinitesimal and unicellular form of life on the planet! Having survived in exactly the same food form since the pre-Cambrian period, this true survivor micro-alga owes its extraordinary survival to highly unusual features: its self-sufficiency, its unique cell wall and its astonishing capacity of duplication.

In fact, from the onset of earth's existence, Chlorella has constantly fought for its survival as lethal gases such as ammonia, methane and carbon dioxide made the atmosphere heavy, and had the role to filter out these deadly elements, and to change the earth's environment to eventually one capable of supporting flora (plants) and fauna (animals).

Each Chlorella cell is complete, and Chlorella was the first cell form to contain a true nucleus within its nuclear envelope. The cell wall makes Chlorella incredibly resistant to changes of environmental conditions, as well as to attacks by other organisms.

As a matter of fact, no high level of poisons, chemicals, radiation, drought, extreme weather or other life-threatening circumstances have ever managed to threaten Chlorella to extinction, and its form today is unchanged from its conception! Often called a "Perfect Food," it might be the reason why Chlorella didn't need to evolve...

And even more surprising, this survivor hero is a plant/food that has more in common with man than we could ever imagine, since we apparently share the same cellular organization! According to the University of California Museum of Paleontology:

Chlorella is an eukaryotic "true plant." *Eukaryote means "true nut" or "true kernel" in Greek; the "nut" is, in fact, the nucleus of the eukaryotic cell, a membrane that contains the cell's DNA. Eukaryotic cells possess a plasma membrane (a phospholipid bi-layer that encloses the cell). Both man and Chlorella are classified as Eukaryotes, along with all animals, although they show diversity in form, but they share the same cellular organization. Eukaryotes are cells that can do anything. They are the cells that have helped organisms advance to new levels of specialization beyond imagination.

*Sources:www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/alllife/eukaryotamm.html www.biology4kids.com/files/micro_eukaryote.html‎

So, how our "Eukaryote friend" and expert at survival can help us as a food during perplexing times? Please, read on and find the astonishing ways Chlorella was a valuable Man's-Best-Friend during historic challenging times!

Chlorella: a Safe Fasting Food for Cleansing and/or Religious Purposes

In order to increase health and faith, most religions instituted the wisdom of fasting periods, with total or recurring abstinence of foods and/or liquids.

In fact, the best secrets of health are internal cleanliness and the ability of cells regenerating; and this is where the virtues of food fasting can really accelerate the "de-pollution" of the body and kick our immune system a notch...

Now, besides fasting for religious purposes, more people today simply choose to prioritize their health, develop their consciousness or/and to connect with their truer selves and/or values, which we ALL encourage greatly! And therefore, they undertake to embrace the benefits of fasting to remove the "junk out," purify the body and mind, stimulate the immune system, increase flexibility, retard premature aging, have a better quality of life and extend longevity!

And after discovering Chlorella's amazing survival abilities, and capacity to help us during our own survival times, it is easy for us to see how this medicinal micro alga -thanks to its powerful detoxifying properties and immune stimulation properties (to name just a few)- is THE perfect partner to support and accelerate the quests of a fasting program!

Chlorella: a Superb Emergency or Survival Food for Today's Needs

When in need, Chlorella is our friend indeed!

At moments when the human survival is questioned, people often instinctively tend to turn back to micro-algae as the original life forms for nutritional support. After all, they are the most nutrients' dense foods known (and we subconsciously know it)!

But in today's chaotic world and situation, we don't have to necessarily have a disruption in the food supply, experience a lengthy power outage, or be in another emergency situation to operate in a survival mode! However, it could happen, and in case of need for emergency food supply (rioting, civil unrest, breaking down of food distribution or of the monetary system), an excellent quality Chlorella makes perfect sense.

Besides, many people living in modern lifestyles are already in emergency mode, daily, without realizing it... Depleted and empty foods, unhealthy meals taken on the run, loads of internal & external pollution, stress, worries, a fast pace of life, lack of exercises, and more; sadly, they all contribute to put our system in an emergency or survival state... verified by the increase of degenerative diseases and health problems worldwide!

And instead of reverting to the temporary and artificial soothing of meds, comfort or fast foods, or other "upper or downers" - which all mask but also exacerbate the state of crisis of the physical body- going back to the sources of the problems is the key.

Chlorella and micro algae have billions of years of survival, wisdom, nutritional and healing powers for both the body & the brain, calming properties for the nervous system and stress, encoded in them. Their outstanding high very large store of RNA-DNA is known to be beneficial for reversing aging and cellular renewal.

The fabulous virtues of Chlorella and micro algae can all help us to go back to the sources of our modern life problems..., and it doesn't take much space or efforts to carry them around either!

Nevertheless, besides the everyday "running like a chick without a head" or taxing emergency scenario, Chlorella and micro algae have all the qualities to be fantastic and optimum survival foods, should any dramatic contingency arise!

They are:

  • 100% useful
  • Nutritionally dense and complete
  • Proteins, minerals and vitamins rich
  • "Body-ready" to be assimilated
  • Highly digestible
  • Have a synergetic effect more powerful than the sum of its components
  • Perfect fuel for the body
  • Dry, lightweight and easy to transport
  • Great for taking a trip, camping, and other outdoors tasks!
  • No maintenance and don't need freezing, refrigeration or special canning (unlike some other survival foods)!
  • Very long lasting (up to 8-10 years unopened with excellent quality, and in dry & dark location)
  • Chlorella is compatible with all body types (other micro algae are much more cooling)
  • Contain nutrients for the body, the brain and the nervous system (excellent for stressful times and keeping mental power)
  • Helping to connect to the Third Eye and the pineal gland (enabling more calmness and sense of direction)

No other existing food sources are jam pack with as many nutrients and so MUCH more, in such a tiny package! And no other foods deliver such great percentages of assailable nutrients to fuel the body. To the point that you could literally survive on it and stay healthy (as we have seen in the survival food experiments described above)!

Micro algae have been on Earth since the dawn of time, and it looks like they'll continue to survive any evolution on the planet...

Algae contribute to feed the entire eco system, from the tiniest insects to the largest of water animals.

We have seen that thanks to them, we can breathe!

Among the micro algae, which are the top survival foods, we have chosen Chlorella as the ultimate "easy breezy" fasting and survival food of any situations! Why?

In a nut shell:

  • Chlorella is a plant, and not a Cyanobacteria
  • Chlorella is compatible with ALL body types (unlike spirulina and blue-green algae)
  • Chlorella has unique valuable detoxifying and immune boosting qualities.
  • Chlorella has the highest content of chlorophyll.
  • Only Chlorella contains C.G.F

Have you ordered your "best friend" Chlorella yet?