chlorella weight loss

"Bowel detoxification and bowel health are also in Chlorella's domain. The cell wall material included in natural Chlorella products has a highly important effect in the intestines: it has the ability to improve bowel function, it stimulates the growth of aerobic, friendly bacteria, and the cell walls act to absorb poisons within the intestine and promote normal peristalsis. Peristalsis is the muscular contraction that moves material through the bowels. This normal movement prevents constipation and also plays a part in preventing toxic material in the stool from being reabsorbed into the bloodstream. The ability of Chlorella to stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria and to detoxify chemicals can be put to good use by persons suffering from a Candida albicans infection."

"Chlorella - The sun-powered super nutrient and its beneficial properties" by William H. Lee, R.Ph., Ph.D. and Michael Rosenbaum, MD

Chronic constipation, bowel and colon toxicity, impaired digestion are major concerns afflicting the population of industrialized countries, particularly when people attain an older age.

Very few people are aware that the same number of bowel movements as the number of meals per day is required for the foundation to weight loss, anti-aging & health, and that a healthy intestine should not hold more than two meals at a time. Often overlooked or passed off as symptoms that happen with age, these conditions should however be seriously considered as true health endangerment!.

Besides infrequent and hard stools, bloating and gas, constipation can cause overweight, bad breath, bad body odors, headaches, acne, fatigue, stomach acid, acid reflux syndrome, nausea, etc.
Despite being a slow process, years of constipation can eventually lead to the poisoning of the bloodstream; to sluggish liver functions and low energy level; to removal of the gallbladder; to the development of pancreatitis, hypoglycemia and even to breast and colon cancer, the leader of all cancers.

chlorella weight loss

The accumulated toxins, sometimes called "mucoid plaque", can become lodged or stuck in the lining of our intestinal tract, forming layers of old, dried fecal matter and mucus. An average person can collect between 4-25 pounds of this intestinal toxic built-up in their colon...and unless actions are taken, it can just keep growing over the years! As a matter of fact, when John Wayne died of colon cancer, his bowel contained about 40 lbs of impacted fecal material!!

Besides slowing down intestinal action, bowel movements and also limiting and preventing nutrient absorption & assimilation, this plaque constitutes an heaven for pathogens, including bacteria and parasites, viruses and diseases. Poisoning of the bloodstream, weakened immune system, allergies, chronic health problems, impaired organ functions, weight gain & aging are all part of the domino effect on our health. Colon & bowel cleansing, optimum digestion are the keys to the best and most durable results for weight loss, anti-aging or health improvement.

As we mentioned earlier Chlorella contains more chlorophyll than any other plant. Dr. Young and Beregi have reported that when chlorophyll was given to nursing home patients chronic constipation was relieved. Chlorella's fibrous material stimulates and gradually strengthens the intestinal lining, promotes normal peristalsis and eventually eliminates constipation.

Besides containing digestive enzymes, Chlorella also multiplies by four times the number of healthy bacteria - such as lactobacillus, streptococci and bididofidus - in the intestinal micro flora, therefore greatly improving digestion and constipation problems.

Symptoms such as abdominal bloating and flatulence due to gas, foul smelling gas and stools fermenting within the system, sluggish feelings and sagging spirits would be shortly alleviated and eliminated as the peristalsis is strengthened. The assimilation of nutrients is improved, invigorating both the body and mind.

Having a great digestion after every meal should be the only way to live! Cleansing the bowel and colon, combined with a healthy diet are the key determining factors to an optimum weight control, anti-aging health program.

But because Chlorella is a natural wholefood, not a medicine, it has the unique ability to synergically balance and normalize body functions. Not only can people who suffer from constipation experience an alleviation of their symptoms, but people who suffer from diarrhea or from ulcerative colitis experience improvement as well!

According to a research study from Virginia Commonwealth University conducted on people suffering from inflammatory bowel disease and colitis, a sixty percent reduction in symptoms and inflammation occured after they added Chlorella to their diets.
At a holistic level, by enhancing the body's defenses, Chlorella helps the healing process.

Chlorophyll has also been proven effective against anemia, as it stimulates the production of red blood cells in the body. It also brings more oxygen to the blood and the brain.

The cleansing action of Chlorella on the bowel, colon, liver and the entire bloodstream can regenerate the body and restore out of balance body functions back to harmony.

Potent and bio-available, yet gentle and safe, Chlorella, as an all natural wholefood, and as a "biological response modifier" can restaure the proper functions of the body without any laxative herbs, such as Cascara Sagrada or Senna, toxic binders or fillers. In turn, this bodily rejuvenation allow us to think and focus more clearly! Imagine the positive health effects, the general feeling of well being, stamina, lightness of the body and raising of the spirits that generally derive from colon & bowel cleansing... Aren't these changes priceless?

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