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Bio+ Chlorella® fits our mission to the core: at, we strive to promote products to benefit consumers seeking to maintain or enhance a state of well-being. The goal of is to provide only excellence in high-standard bio-products and to hold the health and satisfaction of our customers in prime consideration. We feel our superior quality chlorella promotes the concept of wellness and sustainable living.


All brands are not created equal.

On the North American market, the highest possible level of purity and potency has become the hallmark of It makes our chlorella* a brand of choice for many of health-care practitioners, rewarding our dedication to quality and superior customer satisfaction.

Doctors have recommended our chlorella* (please refer to our Testimonial section) to their patients over other brands after having vigilantly tested its superior quality though independent tests. As well, two laboratories (one in Japan, authorized by the Japanese Government and one in Canada) have reported our chlorella* to be heavy metals free, mercury free and bacteria free.


In 1974 the Japanese government was obliged to introduce quality standards towards the importation of chlorella because of a disparity between grades and purity values.

In Japan, chlorella is the highest selling health food, exceeding even vitamin C. Because their national production cannot respond to the demand, Japan has to rely on imports.

Japan is the only country to have such strict standards over heavy metals and bacterial contents in imported chlorella.

Our chlorella* is widely sold into Japan and Germany where criteria for commercial use are the highest regarding the algae.

Most manufactured chlorella is continuously harvested in natural lakes by producers in order to ensure the largest production from the growing ponds. This profit-oriented procedure presents the dangers of breeding bacteria and toxic organisms. Also, some producers use flocculating chemicals in order to separate the chlorella cells from the water. These chemicals residually end up in the finish product, defeating the detoxifying properties of chlorella.

On the other hand, all culturing procedures of our chlorella aim to guarantee the cleanest and most potent chlorella.

Bio+ Chlorella® comes from the purest and from the most nutritious chlorella species, pyrenoidosa, and its culturing seeds are carefully selected by laboratory. Chlorella pyrenoidosa has superior toxin absorption and detoxifying qualities and also contains the largest quantity of Chlorella Growth Factor (C.G.F).

The stringently controlled environment under which Bio+ Chlorella® has been grown consists of underground water rather than surface water.

The culturing ponds are exposed to the maximum natural sunshine for optimum growth; they are continuously monitored by lab and by personnel patrol to ensure that no pollutants enter into the ponds. The underground water is filtered many times over to respond to the same concern of unwanted elements. The water is tested following each filtering.

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Neither chemicals nor pesticides of any kind are used during the culturing process: due to the purity of the harvest process Bio+ Chlorella®is completely natural. After the harvest, the ponds are cleaned by high pressure water and hand scrubbed without any use of chemicals. The ponds are then sealed until the following culturing.

If anything should inadvertently enter into a pond, the lower grade chlorella deriving from it will be sold as animal feeds, unlike certain companies that may sell this type of grade for human consumption.

Only the cleanest and the highest quality Bio+ Chlorella®, responding to purity, color, bacteria-free and metal-free testing is sold for human consumption quality.

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