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Dr. Galdino Pontarini, M.D., C.C.F.P, is a very well respected and highly prominent medical figure in Mississauga, Canada.

He received his Doctorate of Medicine at the University of Toronto with Honors in 1977, completed a year of internship at the North York General Hospital in 1978, and has since been in active private practice.

Dr. Pontarini has also been the Senior Emergency Physician at the Mississauga Hospital for 15 years, from 1978 until 1994. During that period of time he was the most active emergency physician in the province of Ontario. He has also been, and continues to be, one of the most active physicians in the province, despite his own personal medical challenges.

Dr. Pontarini has also received superior commendation on his medical outstanding achievements and has been the Medical Director for the Mississauga Italian Canadian Benevolent Association. is truly honored to have the privilege to have received, as an independent and complimentary courtesy, his laudatory testimonial about his experience with Bio+ Chlorella®:


Re: Dr. Galdino Pontarini M.D., C.C.F.P
I am a duly qualified Doctor in Medicine having graduated from the University of Toronto with an honors degree in Medicine in 1977. My focus of interest and medical practice lies within the treatment of all my private patients on a daily basis and in an emergent situation when required.

Following an injury that occurred several months ago, on each visit to my consultant's office I constantly suffered from several medical disabling conditions. I have been subject to recurrent severe bilateral pain and left sacroiliac muscle pain with severe pain in the paraspinal thoracic muscles. I have tenderness on palpation of the lower spinal paraspinal muscles, and also decreased strength of the left leg. I have continue to attend the medical office on an irregular basis over these past months and on each visit suffered of this cervical, back pain, and of left sacroiliac muscular pain with a leg weakness that has prevented me from many type of work.

This condition has been present for many months with this work related discogenic back injury.

It was extremely difficult for me to do any sedentary work or any other type of modified work because I was unable to sit or stand for longer than a few moments at a time. I have found that my energy level was remarkably reduced and I did have a degree of inflammation on palpation of the cervical, lumbar and left sacroiliac area. I have also undergone diagnostic imaging of the lumbar spine that confirmed arthritic and discogenic disease in the lower spinal segments with no spinal stenosis. There is also evidence on scan of reduced height in the intervertebral discs. I have also been on anti-inflammatory therapy including muscle relaxants and analgesic medication. My back pain was persisting on a recurrent basis. Consultants have investigated the lumbar disease and the associated pain symptom in the past. They were unable to treat beyond use of anti-inflammatory medication and physiotherapy. The orthopedic department has seen me in the past for assessment of this lumbar inflammatory condition that has been present for several months to the present. I have required use of analgesics and cytoprotective medication during the day when the back pain was intense and difficult to control. These medications were necessary to control the back and neck pain.

I also have had a reactive gastritis to all the medication I was currently using and as such required the use of medication to protect the stomach.

On the recommendation of a friend naturopath about the exceptional quality of this product, once I began the use of Bio+ Chlorella, initially at 8 tablets daily in November 2003, the improvement in all aspects of my health was quasi miraculous. I have complied with this treatment of 8 to 10 tablets of the natural Bio+ Chlorella daily and my general physiological health has become tremendously improved. I was able to enjoy a restful sleep and regularity in my digestive function. My skin appeared with a healthy texture and color.

I have energy to be active in all my endeavors and my work stamina has improved very dramatically. Since I have begun using Bio+ Chlorella many physical and emotional taxing symptoms have been eliminated. And has allowed me to function extremely well in my recreational and work activities without the use of any other analgesic medication. I intend to continue the use of this wonderful product and I look forward to this constant state of generalized well being.

I am thankful to the Bio+ Chlorella product for the excellent and consistent positive effect on the quality of my life. I look forward to a continued use of this excellent natural source remedy to maintain superior health. There have been improvements in the function of my immune system and a dramatic reduction in the daily neck and lumbar nerve pains. My laboratory investigations have confirmed an increase in my blood pH level allowing more efficient physical and immune function to maintain positive general health.

Dr. Galdino E. Pontarini MD Honors 77

The following letter was addressed on September 11, 1986 to Dr. Steenblock, President of the Aging Research Institute, and was another ultimate ovation to the rejuvenating effects experimented with Chlorella (2):

Dear Doctor Steenblock;

I thank God everyday for making algae and the Japanese people for making it available. I started taking Chlorella in September 1976 and three years later Dr. Charles Jones, my eye doctor told me the crystallization on the lens of my eyes were completely gone. Three years ago I developed dry eyes which doctors have no cure for. I took 100 tablets a day for 2 days and I didn't have dry eyes any more. I was afraid to stop taking 100 so I continued for 16 days then gradually reduced to thirty. I was allergic to dogs, cats, dust and pollens. Dr. John Bookman said to me and I quote verbatum "You have to have this shot every week as long as you live."

I had tests several years ago with Dr. Tanikin and I am not allergic to anything now! I had quit taking the shots in 1979. I had Menier's disease. Had to put drops under my tongue. The last time I had an attack I also had the flu which was in 1971. I had the flu several times every year since I was nine years old but I haven't had the flu since I started taking Chlorella (1976). I had two fatty tumors on my ribs which disappeared. I had arthritis so bad I had to wear a TENS unit to shock my nervous system and kill the pain. I also had to take codeine and butazolidine. I no longer have to use the TENS unit and am off drugs. Two years ago I started to take Chlorella extract and everyone tells me I look younger. No one believes I am 77. One of the sales girls at the convention center said to me "I don't believe you. I want to see your driver's license." Everyone guesses my age to be between 45 and 50 years old. I feel young and no one thinks of me as being old. I feel like I am sweet sixteen.

Treva Corbett
Los Angeles, CA

"Chlorella Natural Medicinal Algae" by Dr. David Steeblock, B.S., M. Sc., D.O

Among testimonials of rejuvenating experiences, clearing of the mind, high level of energy, well being, clearance of bad breath including morning breath, younger and smoother looking skin, flatter stomach, enhanced sexual energy, have been reported.
Below are some of the volunteers' comments that were reported following a 6 weeks study at the Aging Research Institute with a dosage of 15 tablets per day (2)

  • "helped the vaginal yeast problem"
  • "My hands and feet were cold before, but the tablets helped them get warmer"
  • "I have decreased cravings for sweets"
  • "My hair is no longer dry and has been improved"
  • "reduced foods cravings, heart burn, and bad breath"
  • "reduced headaches"
  • "feel more alert, better memory, improved energy"
  • "reduced coating on my tongue"
  • "reduced day sleepiness"
  • "cleaned up the tarter on my teeth" (patient chewed the tablets).

"Chlorella Natural Medicinal Algae" by Dr. David Steeblock, B.S., M. Sc., D.O