Our state of health - aside from inherited defects - belongs in our own hands because we are all responsible for what we feed our body and for our access to the knowledge of health. As a matter of fact, today we have more health knowledge available to us than at any other time. The only excuse we have is that there is so much information that it can be very time consuming and confusing to try to understand!

However, we have to learn how to listen to our body. This is because our body expresses its needs as feelings rather than repressing them, as medication does. By learning what these feelings mean we can then respond to our body's needs, and address the source of the symptoms. These simple alarm signals, once expressed and adequately addressed, will no longer have a reason to be!

When we poison our environment - the foods we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe - we poison our bodies as well. Before we experience illness we must learn how to "de-poison" and how to "tune-up" our body by bringing it what it needs to function properly. Our health and longevity depend on these actions. We have to be kind to our body and it will thank us for it! Bio+ Chlorella® is one of the factors that can help us to restore or to maintain health and energy, which constitute our normal, natural physical state.

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natural whole foods

A good primary health care program should include optimum quantities of all essential food substances from fresh foods grown in the most natural way possible, augmented where necessary by concentrates of these substances in pill, powder or liquid form. Our body is a WHOLE inter-related system and needs to be addressed as such in order to achieve maximum health.

Bio+ Chlorella® is delivered to you in its whole form, synergistically balanced, never denatured or hybridized, totally natural from the dawn of life: designed by Mother Nature. It is primitive, yet amazingly intricate in the myriad of its nutritional values and health benefits!

Completely bio-available, it is recognized by the organism as a live food. It can therefore address the whole body at the cellular level to perfectly fit our genetic and nutritional requirements! As a whole food its nutrients interact with each other to deliver the body a perfectly balanced and complete equation full of vitality.

No matter how advanced technology and science are, no multiple vitamin and mineral formula could ever duplicate the extreme complexity of the structure and vitality of whole foods.

Commercial supplements are really an amalgam of concentrates and extracts that have been artificially combined together to simulate and reproduce a balanced nutrition. These formulas have nothing to do with their natural occurrence, and their division in protein, fat and carbohydrates does not correspond to the reality of its components. As a matter of fact, in nature a synergy among different groups leads to complex molecular combinations that do not correspond to such precise division.

These supplements are also simplified because they are isolated from their natural co-factors, such as phytochemicals, trace elements and an unknown multitude of other synergistic and health supporting nutrients. Since these cannot be fractionated, the supplements are therefore often devoid of vitality. Not all vitamin and mineral supplements currently made are from blended fresh raw and organic foods. In fact, most contain very undesirable substances that could potentially add to the toxic overload or throw the body further out of balance.

Can we only eat organic foods, only drink non-contaminated water and only breathe non-polluted air? The evident answer is 'No', and it should make us act, by choosing foods such as Bio+ Chlorella®. It can limit and reverse the toxic damage to our system and nourish both our minds and bodies. Including the concentrated live energy of Bio+ Chlorella® in our daily dieat seems a logical choice to counteract the lack of vitality in many of the products we consume.

With time, perseverance, dedication and knowledge we can master our health. Every single step we take is an improvement from our previous condition, until the stage of health maintenance is reached.

We must be patient in that journey and remember that our body did not get to its current condition in an overnight process!

In today's society people are simply not meeting their nutritional needs. Evidence is seen with rampant illnesses that include cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, etc. Poor food quality, excessive exposure to toxic chemicals and a high-speed lifestyle, combined with poor adaptation to high stress levels puts all of us at greater risk. Therefore, rather than treating the local infected area once the disease has already weakened us, wouldn't it be wise to prevent the entire system to be reached by diseases?

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