The answer to that question is everybody! Due to our continuous exposure -including children- to various sources of toxins from air and foods, it seems logical that chlorella, possibly as one of the most serious alternatives against the deficiencies from our society, should find its way onto everyone's table.


Ancient food, transmitted from Earth from prehistoric times, non-hybridized, its form and genetic code have remained unchanged for billions of years.
With its well documented regulating, fortifying and revitalizing activities, chlorella may benefit the child, the teenager, the adult or the senescent, the sportive or the diseased. People who are healthy should consider taking it as a health maintenance and disease prevention program.

Pets' fur, immune system, and general health could, as well, greatly benefit from their own chlorella supplement. Effectively, pets can ingest a lot of toxins through dry pet foods, the heavy metals of canned foods, flea control products, water, lawn and garden treatments. Even pets' incidence of cancers is on the rise.

If illness or ailments have unfortunately already occurred in the body, chlorella could be the answer to help reverse these conditions, to reestablish the internal balance and to wake up the natural strength of the body and its healing powers.

Chlorella has demonstrated to make children healthier and to promote their growth rate as well as their immune system.
As a matter of fact, studies done with identical twins showed improvements in the growth rate, in the healing ability and in the frequency of viruses of one twin that was given chlorella compared with the other.

A study even showed a beneficial effect of chlorella when given to pregnant and iron deficient women as a dietary supplement (11), which demonstrated how safe chlorella is. However if you are pregnant, please consult your health practitioner for advice and recommendation.

Nowadays very few people met all the requirements to a truly healthy life style. Everyone can benefit by experiencing the value chlorella can bring in its simplicity of a complete daily health insurance!
A good quality chlorella is unquestionably one of the most efficient alternatives to limit the pollution and nutritive deficiency, and to help reverse the toxic damage in the body. It also respond to the organism's needs for a naturally balanced and invigorating synergy of vitamins, minerals and enzymes that can never build up in the body or become toxic, as it has no known negative side effect.

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