Chlorella Powder

The first important question regarding a good quality chlorella is not so much its digestibility, as it is very misleadingly often raised by some chlorella companies.

More important is whether the chlorella you are taking is heavy metals free.

One of chlorella's main properties is to detoxify heavy metals from your body not to add pollutants into it!

Chlorella being extremely porous, you want to make sure that its cell wall has not been exposed to any contamination during the harvesting and the commercialization.

The mercury level in our certificate of analysis has come back non-detected at a level below 0.001ppm which is on a average 100 times better than most chlorella on the market(usually analyzed at below 0.01ppm)!

A Canadian food laboratory has tested our chlorella. People are often misled by an evasive "non-detected" report which should be attached to a specific number!

Some chlorella products, termed non-detected, contain up to 0.48ppm lead or up to 62ppm aluminum!

The second important question is whether chlorella is 100% pure or added with binding agents or excipients, such as calcium and magnesium, to manufacture the tablets.

Chlorella naturally contains calcium in its original potency, but some companies add man made calcium and magnesium as excipients to bind the tablets more efficiently. The more natural, the better is chlorella. Ours is 100% organic & natural!

If you prefer chlorella in a capsule form, check whether the capsule is originating from animal or from vegetal sources.

Chlorella is marketed as tablets, capsules, powder, and granules or as the water soluble extract called Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF).

For daily consumption, our recommendation would be the powder form as the best choice; the second choice would be pressurized tablets (100%pure) with no added excipients. The third choice would be vegetable capsules.


The third question lays in where and how the chlorella you are choosing has been grown? Was it grown under natural maximum sunshine or deprived of it? Chlorella from indoor or tanks culturing does not offer the same potency and genetic stability.

Only ideal environment conditions of optimum sunlight exposure and fertility generate maximum photosynthesis, allowing chlorella cells to quadruple within 24H, testimonial of its genetic purity and of its miraculous repairing abilities. The powers of natural sun energy are trapped into Bio+ Chlorella®, allowing the maximum chlorophyll production possible and its deep green pigments.

The level of fertility is undeniably associated to the ecology of the production environment. Our chlorella is harvested in a non-industrialized and pollution-free surrounding, an ideal environment conditions for the photosynthesis and within strict astringent production modes, essentially oriented towards the making of the purest and highest quality chlorella available on the market.

The forth question resides in the kind of method used to break chlorella cell walls for digestibility. Nowadays almost all chlorella on the market is treated to be digestible, thanks to the available technology. The question is what kind of process has been used, since some methods can really destroy chlorella's original potency and nutrients. Chlorella is a plant extremely sensitive to light. Milling, bleaching, pasteurization, usage of chemicals or enzymes may destroy important nutrients in the process. Sound cracking remains probably the most efficient to treat chlorella's cell walls while keeping the wholesomeness of the nutrients.

The fifth question would be in the method of marketing and distribution used. Does it rely on heavy commercials or on doctor's recommendations? How expensive is the product? How much extra are you paying to support expensive marketing campaigns? Chlorella is, without the shadow of a doubt, a super whole food, but if it is as expensive as a drug, how could you afford it as a daily use?

Since our mission of integrity does not rely on any costly marketing or commercials we are proud to offer you a 100% pure and prime quality product at an economical and fair price. Anxious to respect the plant's integrity and virtues , we do not believe in compromising the purity and the quality of our products by commercializing lower grades at a cheap price.

As a matter of fact, the exceptional quality of Bio+ Chlorella® is second to none in the industry!

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