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In order to access and benefit from its host of nutritious and health building components, the indigestible cell wall of Chlorella needs to be broken to provide adequate digestion and to release its inner treasures.

Other companies use a variety of methods, some of which could damage the nutrients. Some use a blanching method with heat to achieve the cell wall destruction, destroying as well the some of the cell's nutritional ingredients.

Yet the nutritional value of the cell wall is what makes Chlorella so unique and precious.

Some use a milling process to rupture the cell wall. It makes the product more digestible but by milling or grinding the algae, but exposure to oxygen may dissipate important nutrients, Chlorella being an extremely light sensitive plant.

A more recent and efficient technology, sound vibration, is used with Bio+ Chlorella® to gently crack the outer cell wall, giving its high digestibility ratio of 80-85%, while preserving its entire genetic potency and stability.
During the drying process, high-speed blowers bounce Chlorella's cells against each other and against non-aluminum drying tankers.
Simultaneously, high frequency sound vibrates chlorella's cell until its walls gently crack, without tampering with the wholesome balance of vitamins and amino acids.
Bio+ Chlorella® has then become highly digestible and aqua soluble before consumption.

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