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Rick Wray

To read my testimony is crucial for anyone who is experiencing heartburn in their lives right now. Please read the entire testimony. I know it is a little long, but if you suffer from heartburn like I did, this will be the most important information you can ever read when it comes to you completely eliminating your heartburn forever!! For me it has been absolutely life changing!!

I absolutely have to write a glowing testimonial for the Bio+ Chlorella product I have been taking now for several months. The reason I am so enamoured with this product is multi-fold and explained herewith.

I am a 55 year old male. A few months back I started experiencing severe heartburn after playing in my Adult Men’s hockey league. I never had heartburn before not even after eating, but all of a sudden after every game I was suffering from extreme heartburn. It got to the point that I was getting heartburn after every single game and it seemed to be getting worse, many times keeping me up all night with the severe pain.

I can’t even describe the pain I was going through. Several times I questioned myself if I was actually having a heart attack instead of it just being heartburn. The consistent pain made it impossible for me to lie down and least of all, get any sleep. Hence I was totally exhausted the next day. The funny thing is that I never got this heartburn after eating. I only experienced it after playing hockey or after exertion. This heartburn came out of the blue and it was apparent that it was not going to go away on its own. After hockey I would try taking Tums for some relief but that didn’t help at all. I went on the Internet to see if there was something I could take to relieve the intense pain and found a few recommended solutions. I was so desperate that I tried them all. Lemon with water, apple cider vinegar, a spoonful of baking soda, chewing gum, eating bananas, taking mustard, eating almonds, drinking tea and simply keeping my head elevated. None of these suggestions worked whatsoever!

I made an appointment to see my doctor and he was very concerned with what I was telling him especially since I only experienced heartburn after exertion. The first thing he did (which it seems all doctors do today), was to prescribe some medication called Tecta to relieve the heartburn. I had to take 2 tablets every day.

My doctor also surmised that it could have something to do with my heart and immediately referred me for heart monitoring and accompanying stress test. He also warned me against playing any hockey until I got back some results from the stress test. With the earliest stress test a few weeks away, I was depressed because I am an avid hockey player and love to play several times a week. It is my release and my outlet for exercise and source of comradery with all my friends and teammates.

I consider myself to be in pretty good shape for my age and I still play hockey in a very competitive adult league (ages 35 and up). I also still play in 2 other leagues where guys are half my age and I am fortunate enough to still hold my own and be an impact player. That is the reason I thought it was weird that it could be something to do with my heart because when I am playing hockey I have no discomfort or signs of breathlessness or anything like that. The heartburn only comes after.

So the day of the stress test finally arrives and they hook me up to the monitors and do some ultrasound on my chest that actually allows me to watch my heart pumping from different angles on the computer monitor. Then when this test is over, away I go on the treadmill starting off walking slowly, then increasing up to the max with a good sprint pace, all the while hooked up to monitors.

The doctor on duty who was monitoring me kept asking if I was experiencing any pain or heartburn while I was on the treadmill and I told her no I was fine. I did however once again get heartburn a few hours after being on the treadmill. Saying that, I completed the test quite easily and had to wait several more weeks for the results. Again more time away from hockey, the sport I love to play several times a week!

Finally they called me to come in for the results and to my delight they informed me that my heart is fine and they can see nothing wrong with my heart whatsoever. So back to my family doctor I go and now he refers me to get a scope of my stomach. All the while I am waiting on the scope appointment I am now taking the prescribed Tecta medication to see if that is going to help make the heartburn go away.

Once again, it would take several more weeks to get an appointment for the scope. While waiting for the scope I would exercise on my elliptical workout machine in my basement since I was not able to play hockey and unfortunately, every time after my workout I would get the heartburn shortly after. All the while I was taking the prescription drug Tecta that the doctor prescribed for me and it was doing absolutely nothing to rid me of the heartburn.

The day finally comes for my scope and it is necessary to be put totally under to have the procedure. After you are asleep it takes about 5 minutes for the actual scope. Approximately one hour later I was up and ready to leave. A few weeks later I go back to get my results for the stomach scope and I am talking to the doctor and he is looking at my results and has this puzzled look on his face. He looks up at me and says “I can’t see anything wrong with you and I am not sure why you are getting heartburn”. He tells me that I could have what is called Functional Dyspepsia but even he didn’t seem quite sure of that.

I looked up functional dyspepsia on the Internet and learned that doctors are not able to find a cause for functional dyspepsia in most people. It has something to do with having too much acid in your body. I could have told you that without having to go for a stress test and a scope. Wow!

So what was the doctor’s recommendation for me? He told me that my best bet would be to purchase some Zantac which is over the counter medication for relieving heartburn. Zantac was probably the only thing I didn’t try yet so I bought some right away and took some tablets right after I started to get the heartburn. Again, to my dismay it did absolutely nothing for me!

Needless to say, I was very disappointed because after all these tests I was no closer to finding any relief and/or reasons for why I was experiencing such intense heartburn after exertion. To be honest, I was bordering on being depressed from being no further ahead and having no direction on where to go for relief.

It was just around this time that a miracle happened in my life. My company sells discounted shipping services to other companies and I picked up this new customer called Bio-Sources who were interested to save money on shipping all their products to their customers. It was then that I spoke with this charming and eloquent lady named Isabelle. I called her to introduce myself and to see if she had any questions regarding our service. It was then that I asked her more about the products and services of the company. I was intrigued because she was informing me that they sold unique supplements that could help detoxify the body as well as manifest many other positive results. I told her about my complete heartburn saga and she told me heartburn was a symptom and a sign of things that are not right in your body. Too much acidity that is being caused by any number of things but namely, foods, drink and lifestyle.

This very charismatic and passionate lady confidently thought that her unique supplement called Bio+ Chlorella could definitely help me to get rid of my heartburn. To be honest I was very skeptical but at the same time, I was also very desperate along with the fact I had tried absolutely every possible solution that is recommended by mainstream society. I got the sense that Isabelle was not just trying to sell her products but that she actually cared about the good health of her clients. Her calming voice and experience in her trade gave me some assurance that perhaps, just perhaps this could be the answer for what I was looking for. I thought why not give it a shot? I have nothing to lose. Hence I placed an order for her Bio+ Chlorella product.

She instructed me to take 4 tablets a day at the start and then increase to more in a few days because some people may experience bloating or diarrhea because of the detoxification process. I never experienced any problems whatsoever so I quickly increased my dosage to 6 tablets after a few days, then to 8, and then up to 15 tablets a day (the recommended daily dosage).

Isabelle told me to expect a few days for Bio+ Chlorella to get into my system and start to make an impact on the body. After one week of taking the Chlorella I was still having the heartburn. However on just the second week of taking Bio+ Chlorella, I did a strenuous workout on my elliptical machine and waited for the dreaded heartburn to kick in. Low and behold to my utter surprise, no heartburn ever materialized! This was the first time in several months that I never experienced heartburn after exertion! Was it just a fluke?

Eager to test my body after exertion again, I had another strenuous workout in my basement the next day and once again there was absolutely no heartburn. Not even a trace! This excited me to no end and spurred me on to resume playing my hockey which would be the bigger test for me.

After playing in my first hockey game in several months, I waited for the dreaded heartburn to take me over as it always had done before, however to my amazement, it never came. I felt 100% normal. I went on to play 2 more times that week and the results we the same, absolutely no heartburn after any of those games!

To me this was like a miracle and it gave me my life back. What the doctors and medicine couldn’t accomplish, Bio+ Chlorella was the only thing that could actually cure me of my debilitating heartburn.

Now after playing hockey at least 3 times per week for the last few months I am still proud and overjoyed to report that I am now heartburn free! I owe this all to Isabelle and their wondrous Bio+ Chlorella product. I simply cannot thank her enough and I am eternally grateful.

Bio+ Chlorella has enabled me to stop taking dangerous medications that the doctors have prescribed me that would have manifested in various serious side effects over time. Coupled with the fact that these medications don’t even work, it is comforting for me to know that replacing these medications with a 100% all natural solution is a no brainer for me.

I also want people to know that amazingly, eliminating my heartburn is not the only incredible benefit that I derive from taking Chlorella. If that was the only blessing I received, I would still be overjoyed but that is just one of the many benefits I have experienced. Here are some of the other fantastic things that have changed for me since taking Bio+ Chlorella:

• Increased energy throughout the day. I used to feel lethargic half way through the day, now I feel refreshed and energetic all through the day. I have noticed how this has helped me with increased energy when I am playing competitive hockey and how it has totally enhanced my play. There are no more reasons to feel like you have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I am absolutely convinced that Bio+ Chlorella will help everyone in this regard.

• My ability to concentrate has gone through the roof and my mental clarity is the best that it has ever been! This is something that is incredibly obvious to you once have taken the product. It is almost as if you can feel the cleansing in your body and mind. There are so many toxins that are robbing us of our ability to experience natural body functions that are unfortunately now being compromised. Bio+ Chlorella gives this back to you. It is absolutely incredible!

• My cravings for snacks have diminished.

There are a host of other benefits that can be derived from taking Bio+ Chlorella and you can read about them on the site but those were the top ones for me.

I am not one to write testimonials however I just had to write this one because of the major impact that it had on my own life. I have been recommending Bio+ Chlorella to all my friends and family because I believe in it so much.

Just as a note, I have also started to take another one of their products called Bio+ Mega3. It was not necessary for me to take Omega 3 to get rid of my heartburn but I was recommended that taking the two supplements together is a potent combination to enhance your health. Since taking the two products together I see a major improvement in my energy and overall health. I challenge anyone to try these products to see what a difference it makes in your own life.

At the end of the day, I just want to help others who might also be suffering from heartburn. I know how devastating this can be. This can be your answer too! I fully endorse this product 100%. If anyone wants to speak to me in person about my experience I would be more than willing to speak to you. You can reach me below.

Bio-Sources is the real deal and a real hidden gem. I have all the confidence that you will change your life too just like I did.

- Rick Wray

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"Your chlorella is the best I have found as yet. It is very alive and emanates a very high vibration. I have been using it on and off for 3 years now. I especially noticed the results while pregnant and breast-feeding. Without the chlorella I was exhausted, depleted and anaemic but with the chlorella I was fill of energy! While breast-feeding my chlorella supply ran out and soon after my energy levels plummeted. Now i've ordered more of your wonderful product to help me through the rest of my breast-feeding. Unlike the vitamin tablets that i'm taking while pregnant and breast-feeding, the chlorella seems to nourish my system in a much more wholesome way. To the tips of my hair, I start feeling like the vibration of the chlorella is radiating through my body...Thank you, Emma Perritaz, Switzerland."

- Emma Perritaz.

"My love story with Bio + Chlorella began last November! This product has truly transformed my life. I have mental clarity, I lost 12 lbs of toxic belly weight, the pain in my left knee from sports injury is completely gone, I am energetic, it's increased my bowel movements, my skin looks vibrant and glowing! I cannot thank the creators of this product enough truly grateful!!"

- Jewls Woodbridge Ontario (July 2014)

"My boyfriend was suffering from a fatty liver and he is only 28 years old. Month after month we would do blood work but his condition would just worsen. Then I came across Bio + Chlorella and it was God sent cause after one week of taking the Chlorella my boyfriend repeated his blood work and much to the doctors astonishment his fatty liver was completely gone. This is truly the holy grail of whole foods and it's saved my boyfriends liver and has also increased his energy level!!! "

- Liana Maple Ontario (July 2014)

"Before I explain how I use the chlorella and what is cilantro for, I am writing a small intro, just in case it helps you understand better.

Heavy metals are stored in many different body compartments, such as intracellular, extracellular (connective tissue), intravascular, kidneys or gut wall and central nervous system. Each compartment requires different detoxification approaches.

Most of the heavy metals have greater affinity for the central nervous system and the brain itself is 7 times more likely to absorb them than other organs. Much like the jaw, the brain is THE toxic dump of the body. Half-life of mercury in the nerve system is something like 15-20 years! And in some places such as the brain it may never leave! Cleaning the extracellular parts is relatively easy, it is the brain and nervous system that is hard to chelate heavy metals out.

Chlorella is used to shuttle mercury (and other metals and chemical substances) out of the gut and the connective tissue. However, this is very important because by freeing these places the body dumps more metals from within deeper layers. Also I read somewhere, either the specific combination of amino-acids, the chlorella derived growth factor, or some other yet unknown mechanism leads to mobilization of some mercury from within the cell. It enhances mobilization of mercury compartmentalized in non-neurologic structures such as the muscles, ligaments, connective tissue, and bone.

Alpha lipoic acid clears the extracellular part too, but it has the capability to cross the blood brain barrier so it helps excrete metals from the brain.

Cilantro works similarly to alpha lipoic acid, i.e. it can release mercury in the central nervous system, brain, and other cells.

The Cutler protocol is based on alpha lipoic acid and optionally DMSA given at their half life and in controlled doses. DMSA clears extracellular and the blood. Unlike the rest, it is a man-made chemical that it provides chelation (pulls by force) but not offering any anti-oxidant protection or nutrients. So it can be very harsh on the body. However, as the alpha lipoic acid digs out heavy metals and brings them to the blood, DMSA is like the mop cleaning the blood faster and hence lessening the emotional and physical side effects that someone may experience with ALA.

Cutler protocol wise, there is no specific amount or ratio of Alpha lipoic acid and DMSA. You just have to find the amount that gives you tolerable side effects when you stop a chelation round. From personal experience, with the right amount during chelation you feel nice, euphoric I would say, and bad only for 1-2 days after the detox. You continue on that amount until you see no effects during and when you stop. It is then time to increase it. I personally use the minimum but effective amount of DMSA from 2nd day onwards and on its own at the end to better tolerate the ALA effects.

The reason we have rounds is because you can't detox continuously and all the time. You need to give the cleansing organs (kidneys + liver) a rest, plus when the metals are gone, the proper minerals must occupy the empty slots. Actually the less good minerals you have the more difficult for the body to let the bad ones go. Heavy metals may be bad replacements but are replacements nevertheless.

As an example a chelation round is from Friday morning to Sunday night. Monday to Thursday you let the body rest + remineralise. During the round you take the ALA every 3 hours, even at nights! You actually use the alarm to get up and take the supplement!

There are times that you don't feel that bad during a round and you think that maybe it's time to increase the dosage. But before you do anything you get hit really hard by metals dropped in your blood and you go bonkers! You see, you may take the chelators every week, but it doesn't mean that the body brings out metals at the same rate. Maybe one week is OK then very bad, OK again, etc. Actually with mercury they say you feel well in the beginning and then you feel very bad! Then less bad, bad, less bad less bad, bad! And the effects decrease very very slowly. You need to be very patient.

In my case, in the beginning I was feeling bad for 2-3 days after the round was finishing and was feeling well before the round was about to start. Now after 1 and a half years of detox I feel well 1-2 days after the round finishes and progressively worse as the round start approaches! Although before I had pains and rheumatism kind of sensations on muscles and joints, now it is mostly some weird fatigue, your muscles don't respond. The good thing is it goes away and not permanent! Fingers crossed!

Chlorella in the beginning was giving me pains and burning sensations in the head area in general and stings around the eyes (same as DMSA). I remember the very first time I took it I couldn't feel my right cheek for 20 minutes as if I had a dentist's injection! Of course this is not chlorella's fault. But I could see I had better digestion, clearer thinking, seeing more colours and improved night vision. Then I had pains on ligaments and joints that would disappear after a month. Nowadays when I take chlorella I feel well - only after 3-4 hours I feel down when its effect goes away. Cilantro, except the 1st time, would always clear lower back pain for some reason (helping kidneys?), but pain would move to my arms or neck instead! This shows that is a mobiliser but not a good remover.

So I am not using cilantro at present. I'll leave it for the very end, because it works in me as a loose cannon and not in a controlled way as the ALA. Cutler does not advise to take chlorella either and I understand why. Even when I take a multi vitamin supplement during the detox I feel bad because apparently most things work like weak chelators. Hence they grab mercury from ALA or from the blood but then drop it elsewhere when their strength diminishes over time. Cutler protocol tries to avoid this redistribution which can be very painful as well as dangerous.

However I personally think chlorella is too important to leave out. So I found the dosage that works OK for me for the time being. And this is 4 grams in the morning empty stomach to get the full benefit without causing too much redistribution nor mobilisation!

For me cilantro + chlorella had more subtle effect than ALA + DMSA. Taking DMSA helps increase the dosage of ALA, let's say 150-200mg. Taking 200mg ALA on its own and having high toxicity can make your life really miserable, you feel so uneasy and have nerve pains everywhere, your body gets locked and you can't move! You just quit the round! I know because I tried that too!

That's all for the time being, I am sure this is too much info and hopefully it won't scare you off !"

- Nektarios Papadopoulos, U.K ((Update 2, June 29, 2014)

"Yes, feel free to add my story in your testimonials and use my real name, no problem. I found about your chlorella in a heavy metal detox forum but I don't remember which one. Someone was saying really good things about Bio+chlorella and that is how I decided to try it out!

The chlorellas I tried are:

a) Rainforest Foods broken cell wall chlorella
This is chlorella vulgaris and 6 grams gives me mental clarity and tight gut, but it also gives me drooping eye lids. Mind you this is also something I get with 10mg of zinc picolinate supplementation. I feel strong but like sad looking! I think this is because of the mercury effect and it shows that the body tries to detox, but not successfully causing possible mercury redistribution. They say the jaw is like a toxic dump accumulating toxic metals, imagine with 12 silver fillings all these years what I may have in there!

b) Mike Adams health ranger chlorella which is supposed to have the less contaminants but chlorella doesn't see the sun. I think they may have some chlorella that is grown outside now not sure. This chlorella has better detoxing as my drooping eye lid effect was less. It is Pyrenoidosa species. Not that I mind, but the taste was less green (i.e. like eating greens) than the rest.

c) Sun chlorella A. This is also Pyrenoidosa and it has somewhat milder effect (or different detox path) than the others on my body and it smells fresh.

d) Bio+Chlorella. This is my favourite! Skin glows, eye lid drooping gets suppressed, skin on the face becomes smooth for some reason, strength, and lots of energy especially when taking 8 grams twice a day! However, this quantity also makes the chlorella not to be used as a plain antioxidant/nutrient, but mercury mobiliser and depending on someone's toxicity and immune system they may have side effects such as joint and muscle pains, that seem to move from one body part to another. I personally use now 4 gr per day empty stomach in the morning and wait for an hour before I eat for antioxidant protection, nutrition, plus coating the gut to trap any metals on their way out.

I also tried chlorella combinations and I liked taking 5 gr of Bio+Chlorella plus 1 gr of Sun Chlorella A , somehow there is synergy: smooth face skin lasts longer and warm hands! I now use exclusively Bio+chlorella.

Quite interesting about your other customer testimonials you describe. Yes, not sure if it is still in practice, but vaccines used to have mercury inside because it is antibacterial. With 19 shots who knows how much quantity this poor guy may had got. Or whether the half alive organisms in the vaccines (that our body is supposed to completely kill) were too much for his gut.

I have also read about the Klinghardt protocol and tried many others, but I personally believe Cutler's is better from the point of view that the agent used for excreting Mercury should have the same strength during the whole period of the detox round, i.e. it takes into account the chelator's half life. Alpha lipoic acid for example has a half-life of 3 hours, i.e. in 3 hours it loses half its strength. It is very important when that time lapses to replenish the chelator, otherwise, whatever the agent, chlorella, cilantro, alpha lipoic acid, DMSA, etc, they just loose strength and they drop the mercury that they are holding to. Of course each chelator or substance in general has its own specific half life.

And believe me you really feel it when the chelator starts losing its strength! Your head feels uneasy for some reason, pains, burns, stings it depends on the person. When I was trying cilantro out (coriander extract) I felt super great for half an hour! I'll never forget it! Like being 19 years old again! Then I went to drink water and my kidneys got so swollen and hurting as if I had low back injury. I was in such a pain and I was horrified once again. That time I was taking cilantro with chlorella. I think they say that cilantro does't necessarily chelate mercury, but it causes it to detach from where it is sitting and you could have a large flow of heavy metals which can be dangerous. This is why they think it should be used at the end of a detox treatment for the last stubborn mercury bits still in the body! From my experience, I think I agree!"

- Nektarios Papadopoulos, U.K ((Update, June 26, 2014)

"Now this is a bit controversial, but what I am doing is the so called "heavy metal detox" . I had 12 amalgam fillings in my mouth for probably 30 years and although I am weight training and taking supplements I would steadily feel weird - only heavy weight sessions would somehow give me energy and well-being (like being on top of the world) that would last for 2 days.

One day I decided to try out selenium on its own on empty stomach and I got a sharp pain exactly where the amalgams were. I didn't sleep at all that night from this weird tooth pain .I felt like pulling the fillings out with my bare hands). But the next day I was OK. Every time I would take selenium (400ug) the pain was present. So, I decided to continue taking my 200ug of selenium with vitamin C + vitamin E + fish oil in the afternoon and had no issues.

Then I tried some bio flavonoids and every time I would take them, a spot on the upper gum above the amalgam would appear. I would stop the bioflavonoids and the spot would go. I took it as a joke.

Then I decided to try vitamin E, but with tocotrienols (instead of plain tocopherol) and the next day my gums turned all black as if they were getting rotten! This time I freaked out, I couldn't understand why things that are supposed to be good for you they had such bad effects on me.

I googled all these supplements and with great horror I realised that they all have one thing in common: they try to get rid of the mercury from the body! I was shocked! All these years I was trying to be healthy and I ended up choosing supplements that would make me feel well, I read sports nutrition books, but never came to my mind that mercury could be the culprit for the weird lack of well-being. Actually mercury, once in charge, it invites all other metals too like lead, aluminium and who knows what! And because the body cannot deal with all this toxicity, it allows on purpose bad flora in the gut to grow that feeds on heavy metals! Swollen tummies are very bad for the 6-pack!

I removed them all (well, whatever you put into your mouth you are doomed one way or another, even white fillings - we need biocompatible dental materials, not just materials that last but kill you slowly!), and I was feeling much better, but for the last 2 fillings my dentist had to drill for an hour each! I had short memory loss, it's crazy, all the things that I was reading and didn't know what to think of them, they were happening to me! I started chlorella and all those weird sensations, like needles under my eyes, I wouldn't feel my right cheek for 20 minutes, it went numb as if I had a dentist's injection! Pains everywhere, but I also felt my hands warm for the first time, night vision improved, I got suntan for the first time without turning pink and peeling, mental clarity, and so many other things.

I started with chlorella vulgaris and I think the Pyrenoidosa either has better chelation (less mercury redistribution) or maybe the two species detox in different ways, not sure. But I like your chlorella best.

At present I am doing the so called Cutler protocol, and I have so many weird sensations, probably of different metals getting removed first before reaching mercury, and chlorella really helps me out (plus a good way to trap metals in the gut instead of getting reabsorbed).

But I see brighter, more saturated colours, what can I say, I walk in the corridors at work and I admire all these little details and hues as if I was in a prison and hadn't seen them before! Muscles are more in control and thus better strength, I became more outgoing, like party time, or happy attitude, it's amazing! And it's just the beginning (4 months now). And the changes become more and more obvious and permanent - I am really curious of the improvements after a year's time! I am doing the protocol aggressively and in the beginning it was OK, but now without chlorella, especially in the beginning of the round, I feel like hitting my head in the wall as they say, you feel so uneasy but you can't understand why, it's a very weird feeling. Chlorella really helps! Of course that's in my body, maybe others could have some serious detoxing side effects.

For every year of metal toxicity they estimated 1-2 months of detox. So I have many years to go! But chlorella is to stay! As well as some other supplements that I can feel and see the difference!

Well, there are so many things I am experiencing that would take ages to write! So I stop here! But I definitely appreciate the power of chlorella, especially on big quantities, even 20 and 30 grams in one go every so often. It's impressive! And your chlorella always makes my skin to have glow and colour.

OK, I stop here! Thanks!"

- Nektarios Papadopoulos, U.K ((Aug. 2013)

"I would like to let you know that your product has done wonders for me.
I have Essential Hypertension Stage 2 for 15 years. I usually could not maintain my blood pressure especially if I'm working for long hours and have little sleep. I try to maintain my blood pressure between 170/120 to 160/110 which would be my normal pressure. If I have to work more than 12 hours by pressure goes up to 170/130 at least. I'm taking Amlodapine 10 mg and Hydroclrothiazide 12.5 mg twice a day for my maintenance. But most of the side effects of these drugs are bothersome.

I started taking your product for more than 2 weeks now and I've noticed a significant change in my blood pressure. It doesn't go up if have to stay in the office for more than 14 hours or if have limited rest. I don't feel heavy when I wake or even have a terrible headache due to lack of sleep. I am now maintaining my pressure at 150/100 and hopefully lower it down. I am not taking any medications anymore for my blood pressure except for your Chlorella.

I also noticed that my mind is sharper and I am more productive. I tried to experiment on something last week. I did not take Chlorella for 2 days and noticed that I felt heavy and my blood pressure was high. When I went to work my pressure was back to 170/140. I realized that your product is doing great for my body.

I am now taking Chlorella everyday. Your supplement has no bothersome side effects. Ever since I started using your product I feel so great. I don't feel sickly or tired, my headaches are gone, I can maintain my blood pressure and even my mental alertness has greatly improved.

I THANK YOU for this. Your product has greatly improved my body. Again, thank you and God bless.


- Chucky Pyne (Philippines, May 2013)

"I am not into supplements or vitamins. I eat fruits and vegetables, though. Then, a friend told me to take Bio-Chlorella tablets and guaranteed that it will dramatically improve my wellness. So I picked up the phone and called The customer service agent who answered did a tremendously great job in answering my enquiries and providing me details which I needed to have an informed decision. I decided to try anyway, and when I got my package I took 4 tablets without really much expectations. On my second day of taking it, I felt like my stomach and colon were cleansed and I noticed that I had the stinkiest and stickiest bowel movements ever. It was gross! I have to go the bathroom 3-4 times a day and I'd get the same stinky and sticky result (sorry for the details but thought it could be helpful for others). Also, it make me thirstier and I sweat a lot (my sweat by the way is a bit foul which is totally not me!). I also experienced pimple break out. So, I called customer support again and they told me that it was most likely part of the detox process, and that I should be fine in a week or two, depending on my current state of health and of the amount of toxins that needs to go out of my body, and that most of my body odors (including bowel movements) would most likely lessen and disappear soon enough.

So if I were to assess it, I'm glad that the nasty toxins in my body are being flushed out from my body rather than staying inside my body. What a relief!

On the other hand, I also noticed that the quality of my sleep improved, I sleep soundly and when I wake up I feel rejuvenated (I am 30 years). It gives so much energy because normally I easily get exhausted after tending my kid. My energy level is set to a higher bar . My mind is more focused and sharper which I think dwindled after giving birth in 2010. My multi-tasking skills improved a lot.

Also, as of this writing I noticed that my face becomes more supple and tighter. I don't crave for goodies before or after meals which is great. So my hunger for "not so nutritious" food decreases and I became more aware of what I eat since I would easily know if I'm eating "garbage" based on my bowel movements.

I think what made the Bio+chlorella greater is that it lets you change your toxic habits and bring awareness to your body and the toxins around you. It empowers me to choose health and wellness in general.

My husband took the supplement too as part of our "doing things together". He never believes in supplements. I told him to take note of the things he would experience. According to him, his blood pressure drops gradually as weeks go by. He is mentally alert and physically agile even after exhausting activities or lack of sleep. He is sharper in making decisions in the office and more analytical which by the way he needs to be in his line of work. He had been suffering from dermatitis psoriasis for quite some time but we observed that slowly they are no longer showing up. Amazing! We do not even take more than four tablets a day.

This is a great breakthrough! I hope I had known this for awhile, we could have avoided unwanted spending on health and wellness. Thank you, Bio+ Chlorella and to the fantastic customer support that you have!

This is now part of our daily intake and is continuously referring Bio+Chlorella to my friend and relatives. My whole family takes Bio+chlorella now and I hope this becomes part of everyone's diet and I'm sure it will greatly improve our ways of living and learning. Thank you Bio+chlorella! Long live!

- Vanity O. (May 2013) "

"Being in the natural health products industry and working with health practitioners & health food stores, I tend to be more fussy and discriminatory of what I ingest as supplements. I chose Bio+ Chlorella® because of its exceptional purity and quality of strain. I have been taking Bio+ Chlorella® for 24 months now. All I can say is that I LOVE it because I do feel a difference on my body when I take it versus when I don't take it!

Initially, I took Bio+ Chlorella® because of its properties to detoxify heavy metals, to feed my body with high quality nutrients and to counteract body odors with its high chlorophyll content.

However, I got much more than what I bargained for and now, I can't go without it! With Bio+ Chlorella® I feel infused with energy, have better and healthier bowel movements (and they are odorless to bout!); body odors are eradicated even when I sweat, and my nails and skin look prettier! Bio+ Chlorella® seems also to keep my weight down and stabilize it.

When I stop taking Bio+ Chlorella®, I feel that my body is going backward and out of whack! Body odors come back, I gain weight, my energy level is down and my elimination is impaired: not good!

I enjoy recommending this wonderful supplement and am now also giving it to my mother. I feel that this wonder natural health product could enhance numerous lives from any age, the way it has enhanced mine!

- Izabella Y., Toronto.

"This is a family of six who uses Bio+ Chlorella and BioMega3+ (seal oil). Whenever me daughter went to her eye doctor he would prescribe a stronger prescription, but since she has been using three seal oils her lenses remained the same.
That was such good news for two years in a row, now she is using 6 and I am quite confident that the next time she has an eye check, her prescription will be lowered.
Also her blemishes and acne have been reduced, and her migraines headaches have been lessened.

Since using fifteen Bio+ Chlorella and eight seal oils, I no longer have any menopausal symptoms. The hot flashes and night sweats have disappeared and I no longer need to use HRT supplement, thus saving me money.

I have arthritis and the chlorella has regulated my pH balance/ my acid level in the body to a healthy 6.2! I have also lost about 6 lbs. My acupuncturist has commented on how healthy my entire family looks, thanks to the wonders of chlorella and seal oil!

We can't do with out it. Thank you for the wonders of chlorella and seal oil. This little green tablet is indeed the jewel of the Nile and quite amazing.


- Pam B, Concord Ontario"

"Two years ago a Doctor finally gave a name to all my pains, aches and chronic fatigue it was FIBROMYALGIA. What a relief to finally know that I was not going insane. I was also suffering from high blood pressure 145/95 and higher for more than five (5) years.

He started me on a treatment that even though it helped with the pain it also made me sleepy all day long. I still could not get my house work done, enjoy my every day activities or do my own grocery because driving my car was becoming impossible.

One morning while I was having breakfast with a very good friend, she suggested that I try a natural health food called BIO + CHLORELLA. I followed her advice and started taking BIO+CHLORELLA and after only a few weeks most of the pain was gone and more importantly my energy level was way up. I have been taking the product for 6 months now and I am feeling better every day. My blood pressure is back to normal 118/79. I feel I have been given a new lease on life. I am able to do my house work, I have started bowling again and doing all my own shopping!

I hope that this testimonial will help many other people with Fibromyalgia and High blood pressure to feel better and enjoy a fuller more active pain free life.

- Angèle Bisson (60 years young)
Two Mountains, Qc.

"I was introduced to Bio+ Chlorella now for over a year and I can't say enough about it. It helped with my weight, my elimination, my sleep, and more. I am in my late 40s and have started menopause. The worst symptom for me is the hot flashes, however there are so many horrible side effects when you are in menopause, like depression, night sweats, mood swings, weight gain, and problems focusing; you always seem to be looking for something because your memory doesn't work as well. I could go on but I don't have to. In short, when I have these hot flashes, sudden sweats and more, they are ruining my life.

I have been spending so much (which was not as important for me as finding something that WORKS!) on so many supplements that have not helped me, and it was SOOOO frustrating. Now, I have cut down what I am taking to clean up my system.

With Bio+ Chlorella the symptoms I am describing here are virtually gone. I still have some hot flashes through the day, but nothing like before. An article I read said that taking Chlorella everyday will eventually get rid of the menopause symptoms and I'm so happy - well more like widely excited - because everyday I seem to be getting better and better. I was also happy that my gynecologist, Dr. Pettle, a renowned practitioner here in Toronto, told me that he loves chlorella!

Well, I do love my Bio+ Chlorella and what it does for my body. I feel so much better and I love it. I try to recommend or give it to everyone I know because it helps everyone.

- Yvonne Sciavilla, Toronto.

"I have been taking Sun Chlorella (and tried a couple of other brands) for many years, but NONE have gave me the bodily responses of Bio+ Chlorella! I'm stunned by its unsurpassed quality & purity ... and at great savings! Thank you for your wonderful product! I recommended to some of my buddies to tried it out and so far, everyone is very happy with their results. One has IBS syndroms and another friend had severe heartburn. They say to have experienced much relief. Man, this stuff WORKS!"

- John Pinto, Texas"

"I'm always on the run and the pressure to take care of business is overwhelming. I'm working very late hours and don't have much time to take good care of what I put in my body. So tons of coffee and fast food on the go seem to be part of my daily routine, which is far to be ideal. Still young, in my late twenties, and with two small children, I became really worried with regular occurrences of rectal bleeding in the bathroom. I frightened myself with thoughts about stomach cancer or some equally serious disease. Eventually I got diagnosed with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). A friend recommended Bio+ Chlorella to help alkalize my body. It took me a while to get to that amazing product. But honestly, I never expected such a difference: from the day I took these green pills, my bleeding stopped! Unbelievable. I also noticed being filled with more energy. Unfortunately I did not change my habits. But for now, so far so good. I'm not worrying as much since my bleeding stopped. Thank you for a great product, for your kindness and for the time you spent with me on the phone. I know I'm not doing nearly as much as I should, but at least it's a good start!

- Jorge K., Toronto, Ontario"

" I've been taking Bio+Chlorella for over 2 years. I've tried other Chlorella sources and none have given the impressive results of Bio-Chlorella. For me Bio+Chlorella is the perfect whole food nutritional supplement. It provides me with the minerals, vitamins & trace elements in a compatible form for the body. It is my favorite supplement to a healthy diet.

I find this product absorbs into the cell level very quickly. My Work-outs at the Gym have increased in recovery time and endurance. Also. I don't know if it's a coincidence, but since taking Bio+Chlorella my hair dresser says my hair is darker (no Grey hair). This an excellent product!!!

I've tried other algae products. This is THE best!!"

- David Yeo, body-worker. Canada

"I am a seasoned dowser and, of course, I always dowse products first. I was impressed by the energy felt from both your products. Therefore, I was not surprised not to be disappointed by the responses of wellness (including detox symptoms) I have experienced since taking Bio+ Chlorella and Biomega3+. Nowadays I find a lot of products have no energy whatsoever and therefore would be of very little -if any- benefit. I feel that yours, in contrast, are a nice gift, still blessed with Mother Nature's wonders. Thank you for the integrity of your wonderful health products."

- Shawn L. Perry, New York, NY"

"I want to thank you for having such wonderful products on line. I am pleased to be able to rely on your company for a great quality health food supplement, available at a much more affordable price than in France. I could not leave without them now, but to tell you the truth, at first, two years ago, I hated your chlorella.

Constipation has always been my biggest challenge. I have been using laxative suppository on a daily basis since almost ever. When I first received your Bio+ Chlorella, I thought "the more, the better", so I started with 15 tablets and continued with 20 for a while. I felt awful, drained, bloated and super constipated! Instead of feeling better, I felt worst. Furious, I decided to finally call your company long distance. I was explained to cut back my dosage until detoxification symptoms would ease up, or more specifically in my case, until I would start to have more bowel movements, instead of feeling more constipated.

It took me a little time to figure out what would work best for me. Incredibly enough, at the beginning, 3 tablets per day were perfect! For the very first time in my life, I have been regular without extra help, except when I abuse starch foods. Already very energetic for my age, I now have even more energy! To my amazement I have not been sick or caught a single cold ever since I have been taking your product!

I even noticed that my arthritis and my menopause symptoms are somehow alleviated. I couldn't imagine living without taking my chlorella!

One day, I went to see my homeopath in Nice and I brought him the different products I was taking at the time. I was surprised when he went straight to the bottle of Bio+ Chlorella, took a few tablets in his hand and said "this product is highly energetic".

I will continue to faithfully consume my green tablets, I love them! And thank you, you are always helpful and gracious.

- L. Lee (Nice, France) (translated from French)

"A friend of my mom's gave me some Bio+ Chlorella to try because I was complaining about my usual problem of being constipated. I am in my early twenties and this problem has plagued me from childbirth. I tried it and I was shocked on how fantastic it worked from the very next day. I never had such a great bowl movement in my life! It helped with my weight and it also cleared up my teenage acne. That was an added benefit that I wasn't expecting. My mom's friend wanted to see if I could tell the difference myself without her telling me about the results you can get and it worked. My face is so clear now for the first time in my life! I seem to have more energy and no more constipation (mostly two bowel movements / day which is totally unheard of for me) which I now realize was a big part of getting to and being my ideal weight. Thank you makers and distributors of Bio+ Chlorella I love your product and I can honestly say IT WORKS!!!"

- Pamela Ventresca, Markham Ontario.

"I have to admit it, my eating habits are the not the healthiest: about10 espressos per day, French fries, chicken wings or other fried foods as my food of predilection, a total dislike of fruits and vegetables... I understand there could be room for improvement!

I have suffered from daily heartburn (for which I was told "hello?") and have combated them with an average of 10 antacids daily for the last twenty years until Bio+ Chlorella came into my life! Four little green tablets per day and all my heartburn disappeared like magic! Adios Tums! Even when I occasionally push the envelope by consuming more coffee and more wings & French fries (I know, I was told I'm not supposed to do that), I still don't have this killing burning sensation when I feel like choking someone (just joking)! Needless to say I am very pleased with this product. With more bowel movements, more energy, better sleep, more calmness, and even the loss of a few inches from my waistline (I was not overweight but had a little "pouch"), life DOES feel much better. But the best is the pain relief ! Thanks."

- Paulo Salvino, Ontario

"I am 19 years old. When I started to take Bio+ Chlorella, just a few tablets / day, I was really surprised by the way it helped my PMS and my colitis symptoms. Normally, I literally "die" of pain when I have my periods! It is so bad, I have to take strong medicine. But when I take Bio+ Chlorella, my cramping is much better. I also have a lot of problems with my digestion. I can hardly hold anything in my stomach, especially when I have anxiety or suffer from stress. With Bio+ Chlorella, my movements are less frequent, from my usual 7-8 /day, and more solid.

I also witnessed my brother to have amazing results, even better than mine. Two years younger than me, for years he had a real bad problem with acne. It was all over his face, his shoulders and back. Also, my mom had some challenges with him: 1) it was really challenging to wake him up in the morning as we had to yell I don't know how many times before he would get up 2) diagnosed with ADHD since little (he used to be on Retlin), he has a hard time to focus and concentrate 3) with an oppositional/defiant attitude, his temper could be a burden for the whole family, and 4) with a cigarette first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, complaints of migraine and heartburns were frequent.
When he started to take Bio+ Chlorella and Biomega3+ at the same time, we noticed dramatic changes within a short time. Shockingly, he was soon the first member of the family to be up, bright and early! He would say that he slept much sounder at night and therefore had no trouble getting up. Unlike previously, he would have an appetite for breakfast and a better appetite in general (but is still skinny). He also told me he no longer suffered from heartburn and headaches. He said that he was able to focus, listen to people and concentrate better, and that he felt calmer and less angry at the world! To bout, in a month time, his acne was a third of what it used to be.
He became more confident and you could see more of his gorgeous eyes and handsome face. We also found out he usually suffered from colitis, like me, and that this situation also became better for him.

My mother was so pleased with my brother's changes, she said it was like a miracle! And trust me, I am happy too!"

- Melissa Giordino, Ontario

"It's been approximately 1 and 1/2 months since I began taking Bio+ Chlorella and I just wanted you to know how fabulous I feel. I had never heard of chlorella before, but a friend of mine introduced me to this wonderful product. Once my system adjusted and began to detoxify from years of abuse, ie: improper eating habits, prescription drugs, pollution etc. I noticed several changes in my appearance and energy level:

  • My nails used to be so weak and now they grow strong and healthy. They don't even break or chip anymore.
  • My hair used to fall out so much so that I was concerned that sooner or later I would suffer baldness. Now I hardly see any hair strands in my brush and the growth spurt is incredible.
  • My skin is glowing, lines are not as prominent and I am complimented more on how great I look.
  • I notice that my digestive system is working again and I'm regular instead of irregular. This also seems to curb my appetite and I don't feel as hungry as before. It's a good thing!
  • There is an energy level and stamina that for many years was not there. I was always tired and could barely get through my day. After work all I wanted to do was go to sleep.
  • My mind is sharper. I remember and retain information more quickly. I can carry on a conversation better and need to have less information repeated.
  • My monthly cycle pain is less prominent and easier to handle. I take prescription medicine for the cramping and lately I've noticed that I need to take this prescription medicine less and less.
  • Before I would always get colds, flues - you name it, I would get it if exposed. Lately I have been around so many people with colds and sore throats and I have not become sick from being around them.

My entire system seems shielded from the bad elements since being introduced to Bio+ Chlorella and I believe that this tiny pill could be the super pill of the future. I thank you, and I'm going to continue to take Bio+ Chlorella as well as keep you informed of my progress. Kind Regards,

- P. Perciasepe

  • "WEEK 1-252lbs
    Taking 10 capsules per day
    Signs of itching and dry skin
    Bloating of stomach
    Knees and joints hurt

  • WEEK 2-249 lbs
    Taking 10 morning/10 night
    No itching, dry skin clearing up
    Little bloating of stomach
    Knees and joints hurting less

  • WEEK 3-245lbs
    Taking 10 morning/10 night
    No itching, no dry skin
    No bloating of stomach
    Knees and joints feeling better
    Less urge to snack
    More energy

  • WEEK 4-240 lbs
    Taking 10 morning/10 night
    No itching, no dry skin
    No bloating of stomach
    No problems with knees or joints
    Great energy!

  • WEEK 5-238 lbs
    Taking 10 morning/10 night
    No problems with health, period!
    Feeling strong, Finger nails and hair growing
    No signs of calcium deposits in finger nail
    Soft skin, no dryness
    No urge to snack

  • WEEK 8-235 lbs
    More energy to exercise, to work, feeling stronger than ever!
    Longer hours at work, never tired, good nights' rest
    Full of energy in the morning and throughout the day!

  • Week 9-235 lbs
    Maintaining same weight
    Noticing inches off of waistline
    Noticing muscle mass leaner
    Everything great physically
    Great energy continuously!

THANK YOU Bio+ Chlorella! You have changed things forever!

- Joe Campana, ON.

"About two months ago, I was suffering from extreme pain in my lower abdominal and pelvic areas. I have NEVER experienced anything so painful in my entire life. I went to the doctor. They did a series of ultrasounds and blood work on me. My doctor told me beforehand that there was a possibility I was suffering from Irritated Bowel Syndrome, or better known as Crones Syndrome. He also told me a blockage in my intestine was causing all the pain and that if it got worse, I would have to be admitted into the hospital to have a surgery in order to remove some of my tangled intestine. It has been so hard for me to eat properly. I am only 24 years of age and weigh about 104 lbs. Because of the pain I had no appetite, no energy, and no nothing. I felt as if I was to die.

Then a friend of mine introduced me to Bio+ Chlorella. At first I was very skeptical. I was in so much pain 24 hours, 7 days a week; I didn't believe that Bio+ Chlorella could have any effect on me at all. I had been eating Tylenol 3's as if they were candy, not to mention the antibiotics that I was also on. I really thought these pills would not do anything. Boy, was I wrong!

The first week of trying Bio+ Chlorella was amazing! I started with 2-3 tablets, 3-4 times a day. Before, when I would go to sleep, I would be tossing and turning in my bed, because of the pain. Within 2 days of taking Bio+ Chlorella, I was actually able to sleep without pain! I actually thought I was cured: the pain was completely gone! But not for long.

The second week, Bio+ Chlorella was absolutely fantastic. I increased my dosage to 3-4 tablets, about 3-4 times a day. The results I have obtained literally blow my mind! My bowel movements have been much more regular. You see, I found out from a really good friend of mine who has Crone's that it causes consistent diarrhea up to 7-10 times a day. What I have is different because I have been constipated my entire life. I normally have no more than 1-2 bowel movements a week. That is right, only twice a week since birth! I always figured it was normal, since nobody told me otherwise.

Since I have been taking Bio+ Chlorella, my pain is slowly going away; my bowel movements are actually regular and I don't have to struggle in washrooms for hours any more.
I have even noticed a slightly different color to my skin than before. I also feel much more energetic because, before Bio+ Chlorella, when I hate I would be so drained out, without ever knowing why.

I truly feel these little green tablets are regulating my whole system. IT FEELS GREAT!!!!

The third week of taking Bio+ Chlorella has been amazing. With the pain I experienced before, working was nearly impossible. Now that my pain is almost completely gone, work is so much easier!

My stomach is no longer bloated, my skin has a healthier glow than before, my nails have never been so strong (/ brittle before) , my hair is fuller and I feel I have so much energy than ever before! I was told that by holding my previous condition, I could possibly develop a cancer of the colon at one stage in my life. In order to prevent this possibility I will certainly continue to take Bio+ Chlorella!!

I have recently found out that my loved ones suffer from a similar condition as mine, as well as from Crone's. I have ALREADY recommended that they take Bio+ Chlorella. Because of my increasing health, I believe that within a few short weeks my entire family will be praising the benefits of Bio+ Chlorella. I truly believe that without this miracle plant, my life span would have been incredibly shortened.

THANK YOU BIO+ CHLORELLA, you have TRULY changed my life!


- Nadia Cappelletto, ON.

"I have well received your two bottles 3 days after, just in time: I had only one day supply left!

I will share just two or three words on my personal story and the reason why I buy chlorella from you: I am 39 years old, married, have 2 children and a job in a large international group, amazing activities, three companies I recently founded, an active and dynamic life!

However, I got sick during the summer of 2002 with all the symptoms of arteriosclerosis, diverse neuro-muscular troubles in my leg & arm, but with a RMI negative and repetitive pain in my joints.

My troubles worsened at the beginning of 2003 with pressure in my chest, difficulty breathing, arrhythmia of the heart, visual troubles, insomnia during three days, pain in the joints, intestinal troubles, A NIGHTMARE!

After a number of testing and medical visits, an osteopath suggested me to search towards the hepatitis B vaccine.

In short, I had intoxication with hydroxide aluminum and with heavy metals!!!

Through the internet, I found a massive detoxifying protocol based on chlorella which I started on the 4th of August 2003.

Since then, I live again! Progressively, I have almost regained my full intellectual potential and vitality; in the morning, I wake up fresh & available from the start.
My improvement has been qualified as exceptional by the doctor who follows me up: both my skin and my hair condition have completely changed! My weight has regulated, anyway, I am a brand new man! I will contact you soon for a new order!"


- je@n (France) (translated from French)

"My detox program is working fine, I practically regained a normal life

My blood analysis results after detoxification, as compared to before, are so amazing that my doctors are puzzled by the efficiency of this treatment that does not belong to traditional medicine...??

All the people I know are asking me my secret: chlorella of course!


- je@n (France) (translated from French)

"Dear Sir/Madam,

I have been taking your product for about 13 months now. At the time I started, I had already been trying to detoxify with other products because after I stopped smoking I had a large weight gain (about 20 lbs) and my whole system was literally out of balance! I was so constipated and bloated on a daily basis that an apple or a glass of water would fill me right up! My skin became pudgy, full of water retention and I had cellulite under my arms, on my stomach and on my thighs. I felt awful!

At first, I tried too hard too quick: I did quit all the other supplements I was taking, except for a balanced EFA's, and started with 12-15 tablets/day and became even more bloated and constipated. I even gained 2 extra lbs. I was not happy. Then, told me to reduce my dosage and explained to me how my body was trying to detoxify too rapidly. I followed their advice and eventually my bowel movement went from once per day to twice. My digestion felt quicker, my stomach was flatter; slowly my cellulite disappeared as I was shedding a few pounds away without making any particular efforts. Actually, I was not even working out anymore.

I noticed my skin was more moist and glowing; my nails went from brittle with white spots to stronger, clear of spots and growing faster; my hair seemed fuller. I started to feel as good as 15 years earlier, with the same waist, weight and level of energy! Gone was this horrible bloating, gone was the dreadful cellulite, life was good again!

Then I received the confirmation of all the health benefits my system was receiving with a comparison between an actual blood test and one done 6 months earlier. My doctor told me the results were quite astonishing within that short period of time! With:

  • a previously deficient Neutrophils Count, in my Platelet Count, to a normal one, reflecting a better ability to fight bacteria,
  • a previously below normal WBC Count (white cells) in my Hematology to a normal range one,
  • an increased level of Lymphocytes (cells in the body that fight virus infection) & Monocytes (immature cells from the bone marrow) in my platelet count, reflecting a stronger bone marrow to more effectively fight infections,
  • a substantially increased level of Creatinine, reflecting a more efficient elimination of toxins & cleansing of the blood by the kidneys,
  • an increased level of Bilirubin (waste product of the liver after the production of digestive enzymes) in my chemistry, reflecting an increased production of digestive cells and new red cells,
  • a normalization of Gama-Globulin which was previously above the Reference Range,
  • a significant decreased level (of 0.44) of cholesterol and a significant decrease of triglycerides, reflecting a lower trans-fats level,
  • improved and excellent levels of all elements reflecting the liver functions (ALK PHOS, AST, GAMMA GT)

I couldn't be more pleased about the improved and excellent results reflecting my health and about my physical form and the way I feel: just fantastic! I will faithfully continue to take my miraculous green powder (I switched from tablets to powder) with my other supplementation in Essential Fatty Acids forever, and continue to save money while improving my health!

I am so pleased with this product, I thought I'd share my enthusiasm so that, hopefully, other people could feel & experience the same level of improvement!

Thank you for having such a wonderful supplement!"

- Elisabeth Le
September, 2003
Ontario, Canada

I have been taking Bio+ Chlorella for at more than a year now. I cannot express how taking this product has brought such relief in my life. Before taking this Chlorella, pain from arthritis was killing me every day, particularly at night time! I used to drive my wife crazy with my complaints of how much pain I had in my neck shouting down to my shoulders, in the knuckle of my fingers and in one knee.

The doctor told me I had arthritis in my neck and I got scared about what it would hold for me in the future. I have a girl friend that has arthritis in her neck and she's on constant pain killers!

My wife did not believe I had arthritis; she thought I had my liver choked with gallstones, so she had me on Chinese herbs for the liver and gallbladder; she also made me do 3 flushes with lemon & olive oil for my gall stones from Dr. Hilda Clark's method. It did help somehow, but I was still suffering.

Also, for over 20 years I have been a regular user of Tums, Zantac and other anti-acid medication. If I did not eat for 4 hours, my mood would be fierce and the heart burns would be irritating.

When I started to take Bio+ Chlorella I noticed I was not so hungry and I could even go until the afternoon without having heartburn! My intestinal transit was even better than usual, even though I never had a problem there. My stomach was reduced and now I had the same waist size as when I was in my mid-thirties! I have lost about 13 lbs within the first few months of starting the product and I have been maintaining the same weight ever since. As far as anti-acids go, I don't even know what they mean anymore!

The best is the incredible joy not to suffer (or hardly) from my neck, fingers and knee pain anymore!

I swear this product has made me at least 15 years younger! I get constant compliments about how good I look for my age and how trim I keep myself. I also noticed my hair has grown and gone thicker.

If I go out drinking, I take a bunch of chlorella before and the next day, I won't have a bad hangover!

If I am out of Chlorella for two weeks I feel the difference in my energy level, in my stomach and in the pain coming back from arthritis.

I rave about this product to everybody because it really changed my life to a pain-free one!"

- G.J.V
Ontario, Canada

"I just wanted to let you know how I'm doing since taking the BioMega3+. Before taking your Omega3, I was using the Salmon Oil, but I didn't notice any improvement in my moods or concentration. I switched to your product and I have noticed an incredible improvement in my concentration ability. I was also dealing with depression and the BioMega3+ has really helped me and my moods are not erratic any longer. I showed my doctor what I was taking, she approved and encouraged me to continue taking it. I also give this to my children; my girlfriend takes it and gives it to her kids too. My kids are 17 and 14 and hers are 5 and 9 years old. It improves their concentration so they do better in school.

I just wanted to thank you so much for having this product available. I have introduced my workplace to this and our production level has increased. That's incredible!

I take both your Bio+ Chlorella and Biomega3+ for a while now as both work great. Keep introducing more great items. I love your site.

- Colleen McLean, Ontario (Oct. 05)

"I have been using Biomega3+ for about 8 months now and I feel so much better. Before that I was taking primrose, flax or fish oil, mainly to ease my menopause symptoms and also because I know it is important to take omega3.
But my menopause symptoms were still driving to the wall. Also, with my dad passing away, it was one of the worst periods of my life and I was extremely depressed. With my supplements, I cut down a lot of stuff but I increased my chlorella and my Biomega3+ intake.

I feel less depressed now, more focused, my moods are more even; I have less pain when I have my period and I am sleeping better.

There is room for more improvement, but I have come a long way. I know Biomega3+ and Bio+ Chlorella have helped me a lot, so I hope I can indirectly help other people through my own results."

- Yvonne Sciavilla, Toronto.

"I need to give thanks to the person who introduced me to BioMega3+ and Bio+ Chlorella. I have been using these wonderful healthy bio-products for approximately one year now and I have been revitalised, energised and have overall much better health. There is no more bloated stomach and I have lost over 15 pounds without dieting! I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending these wholesome chemical-free products. Thank you, Thank you."

- Dale Reid, Toronto.

"...I also witnessed my brother to have amazing results, even better than mine. Two years younger than me, for years he had a real bad problem with acne. It was all over his face, his shoulders and back. Also, my mom had some challenges with him: 1) it was really challenging to wake him up in the morning as we had to yell I don't know how many times before he would get up 2) diagnosed with ADHD since little (he used to be on Retlin), he has a hard time to focus and concentrate 3) with an oppositional/defiant attitude, his temper could be a burden for the whole family, and 4) with a cigarette first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, complaints of migraine and heartburns were frequent.

When he started to take Bio+ Chlorella and Biomega3+ at the same time, we noticed dramatic changes within a short time. Chokingly, he was soon the first member of the family to be up, bright and early! He would say that he slept much sounder at night and therefore had no trouble getting up. Unlike previously, he would have an appetite for breakfast and a better appetite in general (but is still skinny). He also told me he no longer suffered from heartburns and headaches. He said that he was able to focus, listen to people and concentrate better, and that he felt calmer and less angry at the world! To bout, in a month time, his acne was a third of what it used to be.
He became more confident and you could see more of his gorgeous eyes and handsome face. We also found out he usually suffered from colitis, like me, and that this situation also became better for him. My mother was so pleased with my brother's changes, she said it was like a miracle! And trust me, I am happy too!"

- Melissa Giordino, Ontario.

"We love Bio+Chlorella. I've given it to my six year old little girl for years now - she loves it too, and she has never had any illness but the rare cold or flu. My holistic healer girlfriend in Switzerland recommended it to us though it is an all Canadian product. She had it tested and believes it is the highest quality and best on the market. We order it online and get e-mail notifications all the way until it arrives right on schedule. The prices totally beat the health food stores...and even more so when you catch a sale or buy bulk. And if you think about all the nutritional supplements you don't have to take when you eat is a fiercely good thing!"

- Bonnie Boden, B.C, Canada

"I use Biomega 3+ for my family, and I find it to have contributed to our health in general. We have been using Biomega 3 since the past 5 years. Good Product from Bio Sources."

- Wunmi Adewa, Ontario.